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The Positive Parenting, Thriving Kids Project is a series of free videos and print resources with practical, evidence-based information and skills to address your most common parenting challenges. This project is part of the Child Mind Institute’s innovative partnership with the state of California.

The series is organized into four categories, each containing multiple videos. Each video has been created in both English and Spanish. Ver episodios en espanol.

We invite you to review the six videos from the second category below:

Healthy Child and Adolescent Growth

Help your child with the big milestones of healthy development, including friendships, wellness habits, building self-esteem, and more.


⏵ How do I help my child build healthy self-esteem?

Learn how to help your children understand their strengths and celebrate their efforts.


⏵ How can I help my child build positive, healthy friendships?

Experts and parents provide tips on how you can help your child build healthy friendships.


⏵ How can I build my child’s basic wellness habits like sleep, diet, and exercise?

Discover how creating healthy meal plans and fun physical activity routines for the family can help your child understand the importance of healthy choices.


⏵ How do I help my child cope with stress?

It’s normal for your child to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Get help on how to guide your child through stressful situations.


⏵ How can I help my child do well in school?

Explore tips on how to create good habits, discover the joy of learning, and find extra academic support for your child when they need it.

boy and mom

⏵ How do I promote good behavior in my children?

Learn about how setting clear, realistic expectations, and appropriate consequences can promote good behavior.

We hope you will find these videos and resources helpful as you navigate today’s parenting challenges.

Building off the success of Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids, the Positive Parenting, Thriving Kids Project is the second youth mental health campaign funded by the state of California in partnership with the Child Mind Institute.

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