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Activities To Do With Your Child

Activities To Do With Your Child


READ, READ, READ         

  • Read to your child.  
  • Talk about the pictures, characters, etc.


  • Talk to your child and get him/her talking.
  • Talk about and name household items and what they are used for.
  • Count items around the house.
  • Talk about the color and shape of items.
  • Sing songs.
  • Talk about what you and other family members are doing.  If your child answers a question correctly, but says certain words incorrectly, restate what he/she said correctly.  Remember to praise your child for answering correctly.  If your child answers incorrectly gently say “good try but the answer is…” (this will encourage your child to keep trying to answer questions).


  • Play ball, running games or just take your child to the park to climb, swing, and explore.  Activities such as previously mentioned will help your child develop gross motor skills.
  • Play imaginary games to encourage creativity.


  • Use paper, glue, scissors, crayons and markers to create animals, letters, shapes, numbers, masks, etc. 
  • Trace letters, numbers and shapes.
  • Encourage your child to trace his/her name as well as writing it on his/her own.
  • These activities will help your child develop fine motor skills and are readiness skills for kindergarten.


  • Give your child an opportunity to interact with peers and other children.  Your child will learn how to communicate and get along with others.